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We play in diverse settings like an art exhibition, a classroom or a lecture with movement, awareness and the senses and explore how the surroundings and the people give impulses and how we relate to them in an embodied way.


Embodied Tour

Playing with movement, touch and breathing at the art exhibition COME ALIVE


In the exhibition we explore together how we can experience art pieces in an embodied way: how do you relate to them, play with them, sense them? 


Embodied Lecture

Can we still trust our intuition? We were invited by Museum De Lakenhal for their upcoming exhibition IMAGINE INTUITION, and by Dadakademia/Studio Moio under the umbrella of City of Science Leiden and we approached the theme of intuition in an embodied and creative way by playing together with movement and instructions (Susan Bink & Susi Rosenfeld), by theater (Yousef Al-Kabra), live-music (Rian Evers) and an interview with a researcher (Andrea Evers).


Embodied Classroom

In the Embodied Classroom the students experience a playful and intuitive way to work with art. Later on, we reflect on the creative process while asking questions like: How do I begin? Can I trust my intuition? What is art?

Embodied Tour
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