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Er kraakt een grasspriet  /Looping Spaces

Playing with awareness, movement and performance in public space

We are staying in a public space for around two hours and we explore by playing:

How do you sense space and how do you move in it?

How can we create a performance and how can we involve passers-by?

After warming up together, we explore the theatrical play of everyday life. Scenes that unfold and which you can join: When are you a leader, follower or witness? We work with observation exercises, (dance) scorecards and from materials such as sticks and ice.

Open to all levels.


After playing with students from Studio Moio at the Kunstroute Leiden and elderly people in Munich, Germany this fall, we are looking forward to sharing our practice with students from artEZ, University of the Arts, Arnhem. It is a 3 week project called Moving (hi)stories
starting on January 8th where dance, theater and fine art students work together in interdisciplinary collectives.

We play with a lot of different people. People with and without experience in performance, teachers, art students, physiotherapists, newcomers, and scientists. With groups where people already know each other, with groups where everyone joins individually and with people from different backgrounds and ages. We play in small groups (especially during Covid) and bigger groups.

We play in all kind of different places in our own neigbourhood: Places like a no-mans-land in between three roads, on a meadow near a cycle bridge and a primary school, an in-between-space near a big canal, a park, in front of a big appartment complex, etc.

Also, we play at different times of the day and every time we experience our surroundings anew.

We explor places in different cities: groups invite us to play with them in their neighborhood. For example under and on a bridge at the river Maas in Central Rotterdam, in a park in Leiden, etc.


We love to share our experiences in the group in different ways. One of them is with looking-back scorecards. After the workshop, everyone takes some time to write down a few moments that were interesting, uncomfortable, joyful, discovering, etc. We share some of the moments in the group and afterwards everyone receives pictures of the cards. Sometimes it's very surprising how different people experience a public place, situations and scores while playing together.



Flyer from our workshops

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